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To allow my longtime diverse hands-on experience and extensive knowledge to contribute to the company's goals. 1099 is OK. No relocation, sorry.

Software engineer with longtime hands-on hardware experience under my belt.
MSEE. Electronic systems real-time software/hardware design, development and implementation. User Interface design, development, implementation experience. C#/VC++/C/C++/VB, assembly languages and ActiveX, COM, .NET Assemblies programming/technology proficiency. JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, ASP, ASP.NET, DirectShow filters using/building experience. Microprocessors, micro-controllers, analog/digital circuits design experience. MPEG-2/H.264 knowledge. UWP Desktop/Mobile and Xamarin apps creating experience. Automatic control theory working knowledge. Five patents. Two Trade Secrets. US citizen.

C#, VC++, C, C++/CLI, Native and Managed C++, CLR, ATL, STL, MFC, Assembly, DLLs, ActiveX, COM, WMI, .NET, VisualStudio, WCF, WPF, LINQ, Concurrency, XAML, Windows 8/10 WinRT, UWP and Windows Store Desktop and Mobile Apps, Microsoft Azure, Xamarin, DirectShow, DirectShow filters, MPEG-2, H.264, MF, Silverlight, MEF, MVVM, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, ASP, ASP.NET, Winsock, TCP/IP, DIS, FTP, LabWindows, LabView, IEEE-488, VXI, PLD, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, GPIB, Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE and more.


01/01 - 8/17     TEAC - Goodrich - UTC Aerospace Systems (series of acquisitions) - Sr. Staff / System Engineer.
Responsible for full life cycle software systems management: architecture, design, coding, implementation, deployment, installation and documentation, including customer support:
- Synchronized MPEG/H.264 and 1553 Data playback system consisted of rich GUI client built with C#, and the said below Video Playback ActiveX as a server. System using said below Parser/Reader .NET Assembly on the 1553 Data side, DIS protocol communication, Help, UML was used. (C#, VS 2005 - 2015, .NET 2 - 4);
- Line of single/multi-channel MPEG/H.264 Video Playback systems consisted of rich GUI client built with C# and said below Video Playback ActiveX as a server, utilizing .NET Assemblies, intersystem DIS protocol communication, Help (C#, VS 2003 - 2015, .NET 1 - 4);
- Synchronized MPEG/H.264 and 1553/PCM Data playback system consisted of rich GUI client built with MFC and said below Video Playback ActiveX as a server. Colorized dockable and floating resizable GUI controls and indicators, unique multi-document UI. Changeable on-the-fly bilingual (English-Japanese) support. System utilizes all the said below Video Playback ActiveX functionalities (C++, MFC, ATL, VS 2003 - 2015);
- Windowless multi-channel, multi-session MPEG/H.264 Video Playback ActiveX delivering all the functionalities from the said below application, intended to be a server for rich UI clients written in any language (C++, MFC, ATL, VS 2003 - 2015);
- Multi-channel, multi-session, multi-threaded MPEG/H.264 playback/debriefing application: synchronized playback of any amount of MPEG/H.264 videos, creating common timeline for all the videos. Each video session is a separate DirectShow filter graph built from MS, Elecard and proprietary DS filters, each gap between videos built as a worker thread DS filter graph simulator. Application is capable to execute all the playback commands like Play/Pause/Positioning/Abnormal Playback in both directions with different speeds, create Bookmarks and segments, export Bookmarks as a images in different formats, export segments as a set of MPEG/H.264 files, display playable back videos parameters and current playback quality by user request. Each video channel has brightness control and user selectable zoom area. Smart selection DS filters based on user system specific and DS version installed. WMI’s API is used for videos synchronization and monitoring system condition. Help, UI (C++, MFC, ATL, VS 2003 - 2015), (patent, trade secrets);
- “Bookmarks Manager” - windowed .NET Assembly, designed to be a part of playback systems – proprietary data viewr/editor, including image format transformer, multi-panes resizable UI (C#, .NET 1 - 4, VS 2003 - 2015);
- Windowed print controller/editor .NET Assembly, designed to be a part of playback systems, allowing to print selected image, control printing parameters, zoom and resize image, rotate image, add notes (C#, .NET 1 - 4, VS 2003 - 2015);
- Windowed Mil-Std 1553 Real-time multi-channel multi-threaded Parser/Reader .NET Assembly , designed to be a part of playback systems, capable to execute all playback commands (Play/Pause/Fast/Slow/Forward/Backward/Extending and Shrinking playback timeline), firing events. User Interface built with Managed C++ the rest with Native C++ (Native/Managed C++, .NET 2 - 4, VS 2005 - 2015);
- Limited capabilities MPEG/H.264 video analyzer to analyze all MPEG-2 and /H.264 headers contents and audio and video PESs in order to select GOP for said below proprietary video creator OCX (C++, VS 2003 - 2015);
- “Blank Video” creator – windowless OCX to create MPEG-2 video files consistent of repeatable predefined GOPs with predefined video parameters (C++, VS 2003 - 2015);
- Windowless OCX implementing Winsock based DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) protocol to be used to establish DIS protocol based communication between different applications (C++, VS 2003 - 2015);
- Windowed multi-threaded files finder ActiveX control searching for files following programmatically defined naming and content criteria, using thread-per-criteria approach, firing events, searching for standard or proprietary MPEG/H.264 video 1553 and 1553 derivative files, search result optionally presented to the user for selection (VC++ , MFC 7.1-8.0, ATL) ;
- Windowed multi-threaded files assembler ActiveX control concatenating segmented video files in video channel-per-thread mode, firing events (C++, ATL, VS 2003 - 2015);
- Design and modification of MS DirectShow filters: MS based pause-capable dump filter, MS based asynchronous double-buffered source filter capable to handle list of files in any combination, Elecard based deinterlace filter;
- License key generator – small MFC based application utilizing MS cryptographic service provider API to create license files used by said above playback systems (C++, MFC, VS 2003 - 2015);
- Motorola, HC-12 real-time multitasking firmware, utilizing on-board I/Os, ADCs and Serial Ports (RS-422, RS-485) for controlling military aircraft in-flight Digital Video recording system (Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE, C, Assembler), including complete set of required documentation;
- Help (RoboHelp) and Installation (InstallShield DevStudio 9) software for the all said above Playback systems and applications;
- Several non-commercial web-sites (HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET 1.0 - 4.0);
- Several non-commercial C#, C++ UWP Desktop and Mobile apps utilizing OneDrive, Facebook and Application Insights Microsoft Azure SDKs and Microsoft Media Foundation;
- Several non-commercial Xamarin C# apps;
- Software Configuration Management using MS Visual Source Safe, Bug Collector, Doxygen.

09/95 – 01/01     Disc Manufacturing Inc, Cinram Inc. Anaheim, CA - R&D Department, Design/Software Engineer.
Responsible for hardware/software real-time Windows based laser CD/DVD mastering control and test systems design and implementation:
- Embedded PC CD/DVD production control system for photoresist development including custom analog block, NI Data Acquisition board, Microsoft Access Database management, user interface, IEEE-488, built with Windows 3.11 API, VB 3.0, MS C/C++;
- PC based multi-tasking, multi-threaded Production mastering laser recording systems for Windows 3.X, later upgraded for Windows NT 4.0 including plug-in custom controller board, interrupts control, RS232, GPIB communication with the instruments (Tektronix TDS Oscilloscope, COHERENT Laser, Newport Optical Meter, RACAL-DANA Switcher), multi-windows user interfaces, digital servo systems, motion controllers (Pico, Galil), image processing, WinRT, Winsock, TCP/IP, FTP ODBC and DAO Database management, OLE technology built with MS C/C++, VB 3.0-4.0, MSVC++ up to 5.0, MFC 4.X.
- Production (CD/DVD) molding machine parameters monitoring application for Windows 95 built with NI Data Acquisition board and “LabView 4.1”;
- Windows Sockets based Client and Server applications including TCP/IP and FTP protocols for described above production systems;
- Several small DOS software projects for production equipment;
- Installation software for the said above applications, written in Visual Basic;
- Analog/digital hardware design, including PCB layout ("TangoPro")

01/95 - 09/95     St. Jude Medical, Pacesetter, Inc., Los Angeles, CA - Test Engineer (contractor).
Responsible for:
- ATE software/hardware development and implementation, including system level, using "Borland C/C++" IDE, "LabWindows", IEEE-488, VXI interfaces and Instrument libraries;
- VXI Instrument drivers modification;
- Complete design custom system for Windows 3.11 including Database management and RS-232 communication using Visual Basic 3.0.

06/91 - 01/95     KEE Company, Los Angeles, CA - Electronic Engineer.
Responsible for all phases, from concept through implementation, software/hardware design, including breadboard prototyping, schematic entry, PCB layout (HiWIRE, smARTWORK, ACAD), of OEM and company's products, such as:
- Custom-designed PC based security system. The complete multi-windows system is written in "Borland C++" IDE using "WindowPro" for DOS software and consists of:
    - Installation software that allows the system to be installed from the distribution diskettes with custom parameters or/and to change these parameters;
    - "One-to-many" relational database up to 10 000 records capacity, with "Character", "Numeric", "Logical" and "Memo" type fields;
    - Database management system with entry error free keyboard/mouse user interface, Multiple-File Retrievals, regular and Key-Range Searches, individual and group of records database modifications, Help window, some specific for security systems features (passworded access to certain fields, timed user inactivity and so on).
- Real-time remote microprocessor (Z80) based unit control software with bi-directional RS-232 communication, buffered display and/or printout all activities, alarm monitoring, data storage and retrieval, daily records files automatic creating.
- Automatic control system with embedded IBM PC for production magnetizing installation reducing production cost and consisting of:
    - Plug-In I/O interface card dedicated to positional data input and interface with electromagnetic and pneumatic peripheral devices;
    - Magnetizing head analog/digital controller board with optoelectronic ICs, SCRs and TTL logic.
- Real-time software (GWBASIC);
- Microprocessor (Z80) and microcontroller (M6805) based manufacturing test equipment with Hall-Effect sensors and RS-232, Wiegand interfaces, Assembly languages software with LCD and keypad drivers.
- Microprocessor (Z80) based Index Table servo system controller with optical encoder and PWM output.
- Cost effective replacement of battery backup with nonvolatile RAM.
- Duties also included:
    - Customer support and fault analysis;
    - PLD (isp/spLSI, "Lattice") software design;
    - Bills of materials and user manual preparation using "LOTUS 1-2-3", "WordPerfect";
    - Manufacturing equipment analog/digital circuits maintaining and troubleshooting.

09/87 - 12/90     Technological Institute St.Petersburg, Russia.
- Conducting of automatic control theory course of study laboratory experiments based on pneumatic, electronic equipment and PLC;
- Modification existing and design new laboratory equipment.

09/82 - 12/90     Automatic Control Company St.Petersburg, Russia.
- Research adiabatic calorimeter automatic analog control system design (patent).
- Chemical industrial microflow automatic analog/digital control system design and achievement (patent).
- Ultralow frequency response analyzer design (patent).
- Hardware/software design and implementation of phone cables assemblies Intel 8080 based tester for shorts, opens, wire harness testing;
- Research installation software design using IBM-360 and FORTRAN.

09/70 - 09/82     Radionavigation Systems Company St.Petersburg, Russia.
- Long range navigation system, similar to LORAN-C, analog/digital control and synchronization circuits design:
- Redundant system parameters test unit;
- Unique high noise immunity dynistor shift register (patent);
- Selsin phase shifter calibrator.
- Modification and service this system in the field.

09/64 - 09/70     Electrical Engineering Institute (Student Research) St.Petersburg,Russia.
- Participated in the design of power klystron parameters test analog/digital system.
- Designed electronic inspection device for industrial low testability relay array block (graduation design).

01/91 - 06/91     ORT Technical Institute Los Angeles, USA.
   Electronics Course of Study. Certificate.
09/81 - 02/83     Radioelectronic Advanced Studies Center St.Petersburg, Russia.
   Microprocessor Hardware and Software Course of Study. Diploma.
09/64 - 09/70     Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" St.Petersburg, Russia.
   Major: Electronics. MSEE Degree.

Four USSR patents in electronics and automatic control field, one US patent and two Trade Secrets.
   f. USSR patent 510002, “Ring counter”, June 12, 1974,
   f. USSR patent 834574, “Frequency response analyzer”, March 29, 1978,
   f. USSR patent 1093913, “Adiabatic calorimeter”, April 6, 1982,
   f. USSR patent 1437836, “Device to control microfow”, Jan 19, 1987
   US patent 8682939, “Video and audio recording using file segmentation to preserve the integrity of critical data”, March 25, 2014